Development Updates - June 2020

Development Updates - June 2020

Hey folks. Good news from Biskuit!

Before proceeding with the usual post about new developments, I would like to thank the immense work done by tobbexiv (from the development team) in updating the entire project to Vue.js 2.

What's new

Thanks to @tobbexiv work we can count on some important points coming with Vue.js 2 upgrade:

  • resolution of important security holes
  • several bug fixes
  • access to new technologies
  • a stronger foundation to work on
  • best performance

In addition to this gigantic update, we announce the start of work on the upgrade to Uikit 3 (the YOOTheme framework). The main changes:

  • removing the jQuery dependency (no longer needed in Uikit 3)
  • access to a new bundle of framework elements

Other changes will also follow internally in Biskuit's repositories. Packages will be divided into repositories to differentiate development. This means that e.g. Blog will have a dedicated repository like Butter.

Biskuit 2.0

Ok the big numbers are scary but given the big changes the project is undergoing, we decided to move from the promise of 1.1.0 to 2.0 which will be the next Biskuit release.

The new release will have all the 1.1.0 news announced here.

What next

Some questions come naturally. Let's answer them now.

Can I upgrade to 2.0?

Once you release the update on the stable branch you will be able to run the update wizard. This is a very simple and secure procedure.

Backwards compatibility of packages?

The old packages will not be compatible with 2.0 but don't worry! We will update all official and most used packages to ensure a painless update.

We will provide all developers with documentation for updating packages. In addition, a complete list of updated and 2.0 compatible packages will be available to the user.

Any further updates?

After 2.0 we will continue to update Biskuit constantly with bugfixes, security breach resolution, update dependencies. No one will be abandoned!

It is also a community driven project, anyone can collaborate, improve, propose news through our GitHub page.

Can I use the 2.0 dev release?

The source is public on GitHub, you can download and test it easily via composer and npm:

git clone
cd biskuit-master
composer install
npm install

We recommend not using this version in production (at the moment).

Will the marketplace be available?

Yes. With 2.0 the new independent marketplace will be available as well as the new Publishers platform.

  • The Development Team
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