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Development Updates - March 2020

On December 2, 2019 we started this project. Since then we have been working a lot on bug fixes and functionality improvements.

On December 15 we released Biskuit 1.0.18, a release that brings with it many security and compatibility improvements. You can find all the information in the release changelog.

On 20th January, 2020 we released Biskuit 1.0.19, a security update for Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability.

Biskuit 1.1.0

The development of branch 1.0.x has been limited to security updates only. This is to make room for the new 1.1.x development branch that brings with it a lot of new features, improvements and a new level of compatibility thanks to Vue.js 2.

There are two big news behind the next release:

  • Vue.js 2
  • A brand new marketplace

I would like to thank tobbexiv, that chose to join the project in January and immediately brought his contribution to Biskuit.

On February 9, work started on the migration of the project to Vue.js 2. A very difficult but important work that will allow Biskuit to reach new technologies and performances.

This will lead to a deprecation of almost all extensions available today. But no problem! Official extensions like blog, highlight, butter and taxonomy will be updated and made compatible.

We are working on a documentation for developers with the procedure on how to update their extensions. It will be made available both on GitHub and in the official documentation.

Speaking of documentation, we are also working a lot on this front, rewriting/updating most of the texts and simplifying the procedures.

As we have already announced, Biskuit will not use the pagekit marketplace forever, especially in view of the upgrade to Vue.js 2.

With the next release will be published the beta of the Publishers platform and the new Marketplace. We are currently working on the API to connect the CMS and the Publishers platform to the Marketplace.

Biskuit Publishers Platform preview

You can access the source code of the Publishers platform or view a demo here and here.

We would also like to thank the community and specifically SPQRInc with whom we are working to create a new support community for the project.

We have also created a Discord channel in case you would like more information or collaborate on the project.

  • The Development Team
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