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Butter is here!

Butter is Biskuit's new default theme.

The new theme was developed on the basis of uikit 3 by YOOtheme. It can also be used as a template for other themes.

Why Butter?

This theme is an essential component for Biskuit, as butter is an essential ingredient for butter biscuits.

One of the reasons why have choses Biskuit as project name is to be able to take advantage of these ingredients as a name for related components and services.(Btw the main reason is that we like cookies.).

Butter is a moldable ingredient, we can use it to create infinite recipes. The same applies to the Biskuit theme, it can be used as a template for the realization of your personal theme.


The butter theme takes advantage of the same widgets and rules provided by the old Pagekit One theme.

Butter Theme homepage

This means that there are two main widgets:

  • hero
  • footer

and rules:

  • hide title
  • extra large title
  • center the title and content
  • extra html class
  • show the sidebar before the content
  • full viewport height for hero
  • invert colors
  • transparent navbar as overlay
  • enable parallax effect

Since the theme uses the latest version of uikit 3, it is possible to use the entire set of icons without having to import other assets.

Uikit 3 guidelines

All components have been rewritten on the basis of the new uikit 3. A tangible example is the home (screenshot above) and the new post/comment template: Butter Theme blog

Ready to use ?

No. The new theme is available as default on Biskuit from version 1.1.0 (currently under development).

You can test the new theme browsing the official Biskuit website as it uses the latest version.

To try it you can download the latest version from the official GitHub repository* or try the latest Biskuit version under development.

Note that this theme is not compatible with Pagekit, for this you will need to download the latest release of Biskuit with compatibility with the pagekit extensions (1.0.18).


At the moment Butter is classifiable as a beta release, you can contribute with a Pull requests on GitHub or by proposing ideas through the Issues.

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