Is Pagekit dead?

Officially, no.
Apparently, yes.

Pagekit is an awesome project. It was born with great ambitions, an excellent source code and a large audience.

Unfortunately, the passion of the developers has faded over the past two years. Today there are almost 150 issues and 15 pull requests opened on GitHub.

The latest pagekit version (1.0.17) suffers from several security holes:

Many features required by extension developers are not yet present after 2 years.

Source compatibility is not certified for the latest php versions (7.3 / 7.4).

We at have chosen this magnificent CMS in October 2019. We assessed its potential and chose to create a fork giving new life to the Pagekit project.

Here, Bis[ku]it was born. A fork with several improvements, updates, bugfixes, new translations, security improvements..

Why Bis[ku]it?

Read more here.

The future

Biskuit is almost ready. You can use the first release (1.0.18) for new installations or upgrade (it) from a previous Pagekit version.

We are working on the 1.1.0 version. The next version will be published with several changes including:

  • Updates via GitHub
  • a new brand marketplace
  • access to the Publishers portal for developers
  • many other functionalities for developers.

Help wanted

Bis[ku]it is an Open source project. The source code is available on GitHub. Read here how to contribute.

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